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Get to know Ramseier Treuhand AG better

Ramseier Treuhand AG (rta) is your fiduciary and audit company in the Basel region of Northwestern Switzerland. With our 50 years of experience and a well-established team, we cover the entire range of fiduciary services.

Why go to Ramseier Treuhand AG?

Admittedly, there are many fiduciaries in our region. Many of them are good and reliable.Why choose us? Perhaps because of our claim to offer more than others.

Future-oriented solutions

Quality in fiduciary services is not easy to measure. Often, the success of a consultation is only apparent after some years

If a structure has proved its worth

  • If a VAT audit of the last five years indicates no errors and costly subsequent charges
  • If payroll accounting has remained waterproof even in labour disputes, in the event of a social security audit and in the case of cross-border issues
  • If long-term tax planning has contributed to an optimisation of the cumulative tax burden
  • If an inheritance dispute is avoided thanks to forward-looking advice and the conclusion of a marriage and inheritance contract

These are typical areas of our activity. Of course, there are many more, and you do not always have to wait so long until success is apparent.

Where do we work?

Our home market is north-western Switzerland, where we are very well networked. Our customers are mainly located in the cantons of Baselland and Basel-Stadt, in the Fricktal and Schwarzbubenland regions. Of course, we can also service mandates in the rest of Switzerland. International customers are welcome as well!

Who are our customers?

SMEs in all sectors

Whether carpenters, car dealers, high-tech mechanical engineers: we are familiar with the concerns of regional SMEs. And thanks to the wide experience of our employees, we are able to tackle sector-specific problems in an interconnected manner.

Pension plans

We remain on the ball in the increasingly complex pensions landscape in Switzerland, not least because of the RTA collective foundation, which we have managed for decades. Whether consultancy or auditing - we are there for you in matters concerning pension provision.

Foundations, foster homes and other non-profit organisations

Health care, disabled and retirement homes are subject to special regulations.Added to this are the characteristics of the respective legal forms, often foundations, associations or public entities. We are familiar with these institutions both from intensive fiduciary management and from our audit activities.

Doctors and dentists

Doctors and dentists are one of our large customer groups. As free professionals, they are generally self-employed. Group practices and other forms of cooperation are becoming more and more common. We can support you all the way: taking over a practice, financing, bookkeeping, advice on annual accounts and tax consultancy, pension planning and, finally transfer of the practice, are in the best hands with our specialists. Thanks to our own lawyer, we can also tailor the relevant contracts.

Private individuals

As fiduciaries, we can assist individuals with the following services:

  • Tax advice
  • Filling in all tax forms
  • Pension planning
  • Estate planning, wills, marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Execution of wills
  • Support during the purchase and sale of real estate

Thanks to the close collaboration with lawyer Dr. Thomas Ramseier, we can solve the most complex legal and tax cases.


In the SME sector, there can only be sustainable solutions if the company's sphere as well as the needs of the contractor are considered as a whole and included in the proposed solution. The interdependencies leave no room for looking at them in isolation.

Expats and cross-border workers

Due to globalisation, more and more employees and contractors are active across borders. Whether typical expatriate or exotic cross-border issues: cross-border tax and social insurance matters are usually very complex that enormous risks lie in wait without professional support.

International companies

We also offer tailor-made services for Swiss branches of international corporations. From tax representation, personnel and payroll administration, through bookkeeping, reporting and accounting, as well as all tax matters, all the way to public accounting. We communicate in German, English, French and Spanish.

No matter how large the mandate is - we always approach it with the same professional standards to find the best solutions.

How do we charge for our services (fees)?

In principle, we calculate the hours spent on the mandate in question, multiplied by the employee-specific hourly rates based on the experience, knowledge and responsibility of the employees concerned. In public accounting in general and for larger mandates, we specify the most important basic terms of the contract in a confirmation letter.

As a rule, we bill our fees periodically or after our service has been performed.

Why rta?

We like to abbreviate our name so you have less to type in to contact us. The abbreviation rta is derived from Ramseier Treuhand AG.